The Habitation Clément is a vast agricultural area of 160 hectares, nestled in the town of Le François, in the South-East of Martinique. Dominated by a Creole house dating back to the 18th century, this site, listed as a historical monument in 1996, is home to a major heritage site, a well-known contemporary art centre and a renowned rum house in the heart of sugar cane plantations. Each year, 100,000 visitors come to discover the specificities of this outstanding place that has maintained its agricultural and industrial function, while also discovering the botanical world, the world of rum, the Creole world and the industrial world. Educational tools have been put in place to accompany school children in their discovery. Recognised as "House of the Illustrious people" in 2011, the Habitation is now seeking to preserve its authenticity and pursue its efforts to enhance its heritage value.

Exploring the Habitation


The history of Habitation Clément from 1770 to today.

The main House
at the Habitation Clément

Historic heart of the Habitation Clément, the main house based on the Domaine de l’Acajou in Le François, was once the residence of the Clément family from 1887 to 1986.

The gardens
at the Habitation Clément

A true immersion in greenery, the visit of the Habitation Clément includes a beautiful botanical discovery trail through the 16 hectares of its garden, entirely designed to give the public a magnificent welcome.

The old distillery
at the Habitation Clément

The visit of the old distillery, now transformed into a rum interpretation centre, enables people to understand the manufacturing process. The building and the machines restored in 2005, on several levels connected by footbridges, show the entire industrial heritage.

The world of rum
at the Habitation Clément

Head office of the prestigious Rhum Clément, nestled in the heart of sugar cane plantations, The Habitation Clément offers its visitors a unique opportunity to discover the techniques and manufacturing process of its famous beverage.

Practical information


The Habitation Clément and related exhibitions are open from 9 AM to 6:30 PM (last entry at 5:30 for the Clément Habitation), 365 days a year.


General information

Here you can find the general information's recordings available for download.

2 files • total duration: 2.47 minutes

The new grounds

Discover a magnificent botanical trail in 8 stages.

8 files • total duration: 12.36 minutes

The industrial world

Visit the old distillery — now a heritage museum for rum — in 31 stages.

31 files • total duration: 58 minutes

The world of rum

Discover the techniques and methods used to produce the prestigious Clément Rum in 4 stages.

4 files • total duration: 5.50 minutes

The old grounds

Discover 11 majestic trees that distinguish the residence, some of which are remarkable for their age.

11 files • total duration: 17.26 minutes

The creole world

Enter the main house and its outbuildings, and immerse yourself in the art of tropical living.

11 files • total duration: 16.09 minutes